No Man's Sky Desolation brings a horror themed update

Spooky update is spooky

Posted 26 July 2020

Hello Games have released a free update to players of the ever popular No Man's Sky.

Release 2.60

This marks the 4th update this year and brings a more haunting atmosphere to the game, filled with "procedurally-generated freighters, more story content, combat improvements, freighter customisation and much more!"

Visual effects have also seen an improvement, with bloom effects, lens flares, and lighting all getting an improved look, to enhance your gameplay even further.

[UPDATE] Release 2.61 has just rolled out bringing a slew of bug fixes and shows the developers commitment to listen to the community to refine the game even further.

For those unfamiliar

No Man's Sky is a survival, adventure, action game released to the PC in August 2016. Since then the developers have been continuously adding content to the game, allowing it to be a rich multiplayer experience. Most recently the developers have enabled an update in June to allow cross-platform play between players on consoles and PC.

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