Far Cry 6 is set for a release in February 2021

Prepare for a revolution

Posted 3 August 2020

Ubisoft recently announced the release date for Far Cry 6 in February 2021.

The trailer shows a vastly different landscape as we are taken into the streets of Yara as it is taken into a revolution. As we look further into the trailer, we see the nations dictator, Anton Castillo, and his son Diego watch over the city as it turns into ruin and chaos. 

The tropical nation is a welcome addition as we will get into the heart and soul of the streets under siege. You'll play as part of the revolutionary resistance looking to recapture the streets from the tropical nations dictator. 

The style very much resembles revolutions of Cuba in the past, and we look forward to see how this plays out in the games narrative as we inch closer to release date.

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