Assassins Creed Valhalla is all ready to go for a November 10 release date

Nordic vikings fight for supremacy

Posted 3 August 2020

Ubisoft has unrevealed the next installment of the Assassins's Creed series, named Valhalla to be released on November 10th.

Valhalla takes part in the Nordic Viking ages where the protagonist named Eivor, ventures from Norway into England territory where they will face battle with the Saxons.

Much of the gameplay remains similar to Odyssey where it engages more of a RPG style whilst also packing an enhanced combat system made fitting for the Viking style combat primarily with axes and shields. The trailer packs a punch as we see a more barbaric fighting, leaving no elements of surprise.

Ubisoft states that Valhalla will be a single player game and will include new features and modes, including raids, settlement growth and the ability raise your authority and morale. 

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