No Man's Sky next major update 'Origins', available next week!

The beginning of something new

Updated 24 September 2020 Posted 20 September 2020

[Update trailer available!]

Hello Games has just announced their next major update to No Man's Sky labelled 'Origins' to be available next week! 

From their blog, Origin promises to build upon their very first major update in No Man's Sky detailed Foundation, which was released 4 years ago. “It won’t be our largest update, but it is the start of something”.

Ever since their 'Beyond' update last year, which bought "VR and hugely expanded Online gameplay". It has since churned through more regular updates that has seen the game evolve to become the most innovating game to date.

The update is expected to be available to all owners free in the coming week and with all that's been bought through, we are expecting this to be one hell of an update to be excited about.

If you still haven't sported yourself a copy, No Man's Sky is available right from Gamemaster!

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