Hitman 3 is set to come to an epic conclusion on January 2021

Death awaits

Posted 4 October 2020

IO Interactive next big hit to the Hitman series is due for release on January 20, 2021, exclusively to the Epic Games store.

The release of this will conclude the epic trilogy from the Hitman series and is sure to take you to one final journey around the world to hone in the skills of assassination.


The journey in Dubai takes you through the breathtaking city where Agent 47 looks to scale buildings to be on top of the world.
The release is one of the six locations that will be featured in the game, it will certainly excite fans as there is so much detail packed to make the world as immersive as possible.


The second trailer release shows you in a manor taking place in England where you'll utilize your detective skills to solve the Thornbridge murder mystery.

This should excite fans as the amount of puzzles and characters in play for this mission makes this part of the gameplay very challenging but also rewarding. The game also looks to embrace VR as you play in the eyes of Agent 47 which will take you into another level of immersion with the game.

Don't blink as we will keep you updated when this becomes available on Gamemaster.

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