Ghost of Tsushima: Legends update is coming!

Version 1.1 is going to be legendary

Posted 7 October 2020

Mark your calendars off as Ghost of Tsushima will be releasing the massive Legends update on October 16. Fans will be thrilled to know that multiplayer is coming and will enhance the experience further. You'll be able to team up with your friends to battle through the new challenges that the update brings.

The multiplayer brings forth 2 player story missions, 4 player survival missions and also Raids which will definitely make the game more enjoyable as you are now able to pair up with friends and others to navigate through the breathtaking new missions.

Choose between 4 different classes, whether it be the mighty Samurai, the agile Hunter, the spirited Ronin or the silent Assassin. Each class come with its own unique abilities which is sure to diversify your options but also make the choice every so more difficult.

You'll also find a new single player game mode+ which essentially allows you to pick-off where you finished the game but at a greater difficulty.

The mode will allow you to re-visit the vast open world, keeping your existing techniques and gear. On top of that, you'll also be introduced with a blazing new mount, new powerful charms, new trophies additional upgrades to your inventory and also a new ghost flower merchant.  

Other nice features include a custom gear load outs, and also a new photo mode for those epic in-game screenshots.

We are so excited for this update coming next week, and we'll keep you updated with more straight from Gamemaster.

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