Destiny 2: Beyond Light reveals new weapons and gear!

Upgrade your arsenal

Posted 8 October 2020

Bungie released a new trailer for the upcoming release Destiny 2: Beyond Light coming to New Zealand on November 11.

The reveal showcased an arsenal full of new weapons and gear which fits perfectly to the tundra wasteland of Euphora.

Exotic Weapons

No Time To Explain
The Lament
Salvation's Grip

A whole new slate of weapons has been introduced with two rifles looking to deliver precision blows while also producing effects such as "summoning a portal which fires bullets from an alternative timeline of the weapon", to "summoning a storm once impacted".

The Lament acts as both a sword and shield and looks to also act as an active life steal element while the Salvation's Grip looks to bring a freezing death to your enemies.

Exotic Armor

Icefall Mantle
Precious Scars
Mask of Bakris
Dawn Chorus
Necrotic Grip

In the armory section, look forward to more defensive items such as the Icefall Mantle that acts to absorb incoming fire and the Precious scars which provides a defensive aura upon revival.

The Mask of Bakris allows players to become temporarily cloaked during battle, Arthrys's Emrace looks to temporarily stagger enemies, Dawn Chorus looks to bring the heat back into battle and finally the Necrotic Grip looks to corrupt enemies upon impact.

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