Genshin Impact's meteoric rise in popularity

Taking the gaming world by storm

Posted 16 October 2020

Move over Among Us because there's a new competitor taking over gaming screens and mobile phones.

Genshin Impact from miHoYo has burst onto the scene in recent weeks to an enormous fanbase, with over 23 million mobile downloads and also being available on PC and PS4.

As of today, the game is ranked 7th on the android market gaming charts and is heeding strong, but what brings so much appeal for this game?

Is this Breath of Wild 2.0?

From the start of the game, you venture into an open world filled with beautiful landscape and monsters, and from the artwork you may just double take to think if this is a Breath of Wild duplicate.

However this is more than that, bringing in a team combat system allowing you to control different characters on the fly while also completing puzzles and cooking zesty meals. You'll be able to own the base characters for free with the incentive to pay a bit to get the chance to roll one of the extra playable characters.

The anime art style and Gacha system has really pulled the appeal to many RPG fans, especially since the game runs amazingly smooth on mobile devices, play anywhere anytime. It's basically like a free AAA game to download, how incredible is that?! 

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