Destiny 2: Beyond Light explosive storyline gets revealed

Stasis isn't just for the light-hearted

Posted 21 October 2020

Bungie just dropped the next epic trailer for the upcoming release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light and it reveals a lot of exciting details about the storyline.

In the trailer, we notice that the villain of the story, Eramis, imbues the power of Stasis to the fallen and grants her the ultimate tool to restore glory for her people. Along with her lieutenants, Eramis proves to be a mighty foe in the battle for supremacy on Europa.

Variks emerges from hiding and looking for hope, issues a distress signal to the Guardians where your challenge in Europa begins.

We also get a peek at the Exo Stranger whom you will harness her understanding of the power of Stasis to enhance your ability to fend off the darkness.

The heat is really starting to pick up as we near the release date for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, make sure to be the first to pre-order right now from Gamemaster.

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